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To a lesser extent, the updating of player models is an ongoing one.

Patch 6.1.0 brought further adjustments to those new models already implemented, including significant changes to faces, such as adjusting facial 'bones' to re-sculpt faces, and reducing the substantial bags under the female gnome's eyes.

It was initially planned to update the models over the full course of the expansion, with races being updated one at a time.

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With Warlords of Draenor, Classic Warcraft races sport higher detail, updated animations, and new visuals that reflect the soul of their original models: teeth, bones, beards, 'hawks, and all. One of the major features of Warlords of Draenor, the revamp initially updated all player character races introduced prior to Cataclysm except for the blood elves, which were revamped with Patch 6.1.0.

was an overhaul and upgrading of the player character models, the first wave of which was implemented in Patch 6.0.2.

Note that not all of the below preview images match the final implementation.

These preview images were released during the development of the models.

Updates to the goblin and worgen models were announced as planned in late 2014, but have not yet taken place.

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