dating russia and ukraine - Who is andy baldwin dating now

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Last year, he joined up with Challenge Family Triathlons.

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“She’s polite and respectful and has a great heart.” Although the two were spotted together in New York City over the holidays — prompting rumors of a love connection — Baldwin said their relationship didn’t became romantic until February, when he returned home from an overseas military mission.

Baldwin, who’s in his early 30s, is in the process of relocating from Hawaii to Washington, D. He’s currently vacationing in Los Angeles, where he’s been logging quality time with the California-based Maples.

“She has the mind, body and energy of a 25-year-old,” insisted Baldwin.

“When you have a connection with someone, age goes out the window.” As for social worker Tessa Horst — to whom he proposed in the finale — they called it quits last September.

Then, just three months after the finale, they cancelled their engagement. Apparently they kept in touch, but just a couple months later, Andrew Baldwin was seen dating Marla Maples.

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