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| 1 mitavanam tavanestam uni tavanestam khaham tavanej 1 you mitavant tavdnestl ■mitovdnesti fchoh E tavanest he/she/it mitavdnad tavanest mitavdnest khahad tava ns s' we mitavdnim tovdnestim mitavanestim khahim tavanes!

Watch nafase amigh online dating

^jj I Lb Z Good luckl mov, afifagh bash in Jllj LL Ji-j'* Just a second!

b Ji L NATIONALITIES Lb i L V** Most country names in Persian differ from English „ and their pronunciation is closer to French.

the prettier house khane ye zibatar (lit; house yc prettier) Superlatives Superlatives (best, hottest} are formed by adding -tarin to the end of an adjective. In this phrasebook, subject pronouns have been puc in square brackets to show that they arc optional. d khastand mikhaslam mikhast E mi khast mikhastim mikhostid mikha stand khaham kard khahi kard khahad kard khahim kqrd khahid kard khahand kard khaham khast khahi khast khahad khast khoh Em khast khahid khast khahand khast 1 you he/she/it we you (pi) they m id a ham midahi mid a had middhim midahid midahand dadam dadi dad dadinrt dadid dadond midodam midddi middd middd im midadid midadand i you be/she/it we tpl) khaham danest khahi danest khahad danest khahim danest khahid danest khahand danest middnom middni m Edanacf m idan Em m idan Ed midanand danestam midanestam ddnesti midanesti danest m Eddnest ddnesti in mrdonestim ddnestid middnestid dane stand middnestqnd 34 Mistakes to Watch for MISTAKES TO WATCH FOR - PERSIAN SPEAKERS * Pro n undati o n of so m e E n g i i sh word $ i s mo re d if f icu It for sp ea k- ers of Persian than others. salam khoda hafez bale/na bebakhshid lotfan motashakkeram kheyli mammin bashe eshka J nadare?

There are both informal and polite forms of the singular pronoun you’. The sound 'th', as in This', is often pronounced 'd\ as in 'dis', and 'w\ as in Voter', is often pro- nounced as a V as in Voter' ■ * In words beginning with two consonants, Persian speakers often add a vowel at the start; 'estudent' instead of 'student' S t . khahesh mikonam J_U I Jj G I ft i Tl “ % T- *1 iai U. 3^3 Persian speakers indicate yes’ by nodding their head forward and down.

Carpets or rugs form an integral part of religious and cultural festivities, os well as in everyday life, such as prayer mats. J - Ij I ^ jl l Zj «.i j J Making Conversation 39 MAKING CONVERSATION Do you live here!

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