Stereo 97 la paz online dating

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The boy then puts his fingers in his ears and begins singing 'La la la' in response to his father's outburst.

Seeing the boy outside, the father picks up an egg from a bird's nest on the window-sill and throws it down at the boy.

The boy and dog run away and the scene cuts from evening to daytime.

The boy is walking the dog along a city street, in what is inferred to be La Paz, Bolivia, and he goes into a store front and downstairs.

In the basement of the building, he finds a gymnasium and a scared-looking man who is covered in dust; this man looks like a disgraced "Ekeko." The man holds a stereo which is providing music for a group of women doing aerobics with one woman who is obviously a leader and abuses both the man and the others since their mascara is running down their cheeks from crying.

Jewell said that others compared the video to the Wizard of Oz and a local legend of the demon El Tío and that both legends influenced the concept of the video.

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