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"We grew up with a lot of those kids and know them well," says Don Jr.

"But I guess we were pushed and motivated differently." It's worth noting that Trump was nearly a train wreck himself as the son of wealth in Jamaica Estates, Queens.

Trump tells the story of being dragged by the nose to join Fred on his rounds collecting rents.

"You'd see 'em ring the bell and stand way over here. ' and he'd say, ' ' Cause these motherfuckers ! '"Trump has raised his own kids in comparable fashion, disabusing them of any notions of unearned grandeur.

"I was a dock attendant for a couple of summers, then went into landscaping," says Don Jr., a company vice president running international projects, with an office directly below his father's.

He had great energy and vision, worked seven days a week and liked it, and was happy in his life.

I watched people take vacations, and they're .

Instead, you frame a query, then stand back and watch him go, hoping that in the monologue that follows, he touches at least obliquely on your topic.

Speed dating in grand island ne

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