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At very large semiconductor sites, traffic congestion can occur with the constant delivery of fresh sulfuric acid and removal of the waste.

One option is to dispose of the sulfuric acid waste by neutralizing and diluting it until it reaches acceptable, regulated levels for discharge to general waste water.

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The benefits of an on-site, open-loop recovery system are reduced disposal costs and associated demands for fresh water and waste water volumes, lower environmental impact, and decreased logistics complications and traffic.

Off-site recovery Xenon, a very rare gas in the air, is obtained as a byproduct of the liquefaction and separation of air.

Additionally, regulations are increasing and there is more of a demand for and focus on green manufacturing.

To stay competitive and lay the foundation for sustainable manufacturing processes, electronics manufacturers need supply chain security, flexible logistical solutions, and a lower carbon footprint.

Groups of large fabs clustered in one major site can realize the greatest cost advantages of a helium recovery system.

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