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Apart from organising netball competitions at the house, he leads a twice-weekly dance group where he choreographs traditional dances from Uganda – Maganda, Emaali, Kisoga styles.

He also writes plays that the other refugees act out – stories of young gay Ugandans who struggle to make sense of what religion and society say about them, and whether or not they should come out.

This is the third time in a decade that Kenya has tried to impose a plastic bag ban but they are such a visible blight that the ban has widespread support despite the disruption.

Kenya has become a safe haven for those fleeing war and famine in neighbouring states.

Most of the day they can do nothing but lie about the house. Nelson and his housemates are some of Africa’s LGBT refugees – people forced to flee their home countries because of their sexuality.

Most come from Uganda where, years ago, Evangelical Christians from America drummed up homophobia that culminated in arrests, public beatings and murders.

They are perpetual outsiders – out of place in their own countries, and out of place while they wait in limbo to see what will become of them.

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