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This was the first part that came up that I was really interested in, though.

It's a good story and I'm working with some fantastic people - I couldn't really turn that down.

“But for now this is the last people will see of John Paul for the foreseeable future James originally quit the soap in 2008 before returning in December 2012.

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pro dating system - Sammy winward dating james sutton

But he has now found happiness in the form of Rachael Collin and has posted with the blonde several times on Instagram.

James's posts with the brunette beauty seem to have flown under the radar.

I don't know if that's been brought on by 'the shake-up' or Gavin coming in, but it's a really nice place to work."Gavin obviously cast you for your acting abilities, but there's the additional element of your huge fanbase. The cast's changed so much since I was there, though.

There are so many new people."Were you a little disappointed that Mc Dean didn't get the recognition it deserved at soap award ceremonies? We achieved everything that we set out to achieve and I think the fact that you're still asking me about it now speaks volumes.

You've turned up just in time for the show rejuvenation - what's it like on set at the moment? "I know went through a bit of a difficult patch, but I wasn't there for that, so I'm not sure what it was like before.

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