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Dank des gesetzlich garantierten Rückgaberechts können Produkte bei Nichtgefallen zudem schnell und unkompliziert zurückgegeben werden.

Daher überrascht es nicht, dass das Online-Shopping bei den Konsumenten und Verbrauchern in den vergangenen Jahren immer beliebter geworden ist.

It said: 'Over the years, the ducks washed up on several different continents, revealing a worldwide network of currents, that had been invisible.

'The duck's story led to a greater understanding of how all our seas are connected and seemed, to the Blue Planet II team, an inspiring story to re-tell.'Over the next 25 years, the plastic toys washed up all over the world.

'Many landed on the coast of Alaska, some went south to Australia, and remarkably some even went through the Arctic ice via the Bering Straits, to pop up in the Atlantic years later.

'Reconstructing the release of these ducks presented the team with a fresh challenge.

They were complaining that the show made out they had found the ducks in the sea, reports The Sun.

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