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Tony had a hard time believing that they had never met each other.

They seemed to be sharing something he was not a party to. Evans, college is indeed the time to be independent.

"But isn't college like, the time I'm supposed to be independent?

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That was how dreams work after all, if you stop participating in them actively they just kind of slide away.

But his mother's beautifully cut blonde hair still fell slightly over her bright, intelligent eyes as she stared at him, as real and in the moment as ever.

" Tony blushed; his mom could be so embarrassing with her constant fawning over him. Evans, we believe in the complete integration of our student's mothers into their college education.

You will be academic and social partners with her at all university events. She didn't look like some bimbo who just wanted to show the world the biggest funbags money can buy.

And when he finally did respond, he swore he didn't even think of the words before they tumbled out, "Yes I will." "I'm glad to hear it.

No taboo chat no registration

Bourdain is the host of the popular CNN travel and food show Parts Unknown.…
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