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Simply double-click the downloaded file to install it.

Also (in some cases) the worst-case scenario of Permanently Missable Content; early adventure games would often have vital objects or events be easily and permanently missable — in the worst cases, with no indication of what you've missed beyond a sudden game over much later in the game.

Contrast Endless Game, for games not supposed to be "won" at all: games that have a High Scores screen instead of a victory condition.

(It should be emphasized that this applies to the whole game, and not just a narrow aspect of it. if part is Cruel but it's Merciful otherwise, the game is Cruel.) Note that dipping below "polite" is considered a design flaw by most design philosophies today.

Old-fashioned adventure games, notably most Sierra games released before 1992, seldom rise .

"Kajko i kokosz" Janusza Christy to jedna z najsławniejszych polskich serii komiksowych.

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