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by  |  11-Jul-2017 14:37

There are no guides on the walk through the woods, and actors (monsters) are everywhere.

You definitely get the full experience here and it’s worth it.

Overall: 5/5 This was my favorite last year and it’s even better this year.

Other 5/5 There is free parking at this attraction and has concessions if interested. If you are looking for great scares, in an “old school” haunt setting, Trotterville Horror is a must see haunted attraction.

This haunt is a great value and still has the ability to keep groups spaced enough so that everyone feels they are all alone in the woods. Trotterville Horror Date visited: Submitted by: krb187 Scare Factor: 5/5 So far, this has been the most I’ve jumped all year at a haunt.

Trotterville Horror Date attended: Submitted by: weresheep Scare Factor: 5/5 This place is an adventure.

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