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by  |  25-Nov-2017 18:35

With Ice Cream Sandwich, there is a consistent feel across all elements of the operating system that is both intuitive and fluid.

Certain content-focused elements of the user interface have a look and feel with design elements that appear to be inspired from Windows Phone 7’s Metro UI in certain ways (focus on large, readable text and tiled images of content), yet it has a distinctive feel of it’s own and doesn’t seem to be a complete Metro rip-off.

See for yourself in the complete video coverage of the event.

There has been particular attention paid to design, UI and other features that would make a big difference to the experience of any smartphone user. But on the surface of it, this looks like it could be the best version of Android to date, one that brings a veritable ton of enhancements.

So if there was ever a time to try Android, it looks like this would be the version to snag.

Common actions are now more visible throughout the OS in top or bottom action bars, unlike in previous versions where you had to press the menu button to bring them up.

Hardware buttons have been replaced by a new System bar with virtual buttons that works across the entire Android 4.0 UI.

Android is for users who’d rather have widgets (to see data directly on the homescreen, instead of requiring the user to launch an app first), plenty of customization options, and the latest features available (experimental or no) — and are willing to deal with some bugs to have them.

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