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The development phase is possibly the most challenging phase for a BA.

It’s quite normal after the pressure of the analysis phase to sit back a little, safe in the knowledge that both quality requirements and design have been delivered.

Taken together the design and the requirements will guide the rest of the project, with the testers looking to ensure that the requirements have been met and the developers trying to deliver against the design.

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The BA always knows what the end destination is, how to get there and is capable of handling course adjustments as they arise.

In the future, when pitching for work, I’ll be better prepared to answer the question and will have a great story to tell. If you have a definition of what a BA does, then please feel free to let me know by leaving a comment below.

To try to understand more about what Business Analyst actually does, I want to look at each phase of a typical project and examine what is required of a Business Analyst during the life cycle of a typical project: The initiation phase is the period during which the business is feeling some kind of pain and is looking to alleviate the stress that this pain is causing, usually by implementing some form of technology or process based solution.

It’s the role of the BA to clearly identify the problem that the business is experiencing and to map out what a possible solution would look like.

The analysis phase is the period during which the Business Analyst defines the requirements in detail, stating clearly and unambiguously what the business needs in order to resolve its problem.

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