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Kurō's confidant and military tactician, well informed in many areas of knowledge. He worries and fusses a lot, but he has a soft spot for her..Showy and frivolous, the army magistrate and a military commander of the Genji.He appears to be showing off, but he is careful and attentive to people's relationships. Because he is a descendant of the Oni Clan -- the same clan that long ago plagued Heian Kyō with crises -- he possesses special powers, such as the ability to teleport.

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When they finally meet again, Nozomi discovers that Masaomi arrived in this new world three years before them.

Unknown to Nozomi and most of the other (Genji-allied) Hachiyō, he is actually in league with the Heike clan and is better known as the fearsome general Kaeri naifu (還内府).

Masaomi and Nozomi have mutual feelings for one another, though they do not show it. He initially opposes Nozomi's wish to fight, believing that women should not be exposed to the dangers of the battlefield, but readily accepts her when she can prove herself in battle.

Masaomi cares about Nozomi, when he gives her a gift (a musical antique watch) because she likes it, when they were in the human world.. He is easily misjudged due to his blunt way of speaking, but in fact he takes very good care of his men and of other people.

Gradually as he gains more power, he takes the form of an adult (surprising Nozomi and the others) but he still retains his child-like innocence.

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