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Is raw garlic the missing piece of the AIDS cure puzzle?Scientific research on Aged Garlic, NK cells, CD4/CD8 ratios and AIDS.How the DEA could legally classify white sugar and table salt as Class 1 substances making them illegal without a prescription Under the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) definition of an opiate, white sugar, corn syrup, and table salt could be all classified along with cocaine and heroin as a class 1 substance as these substances have no medical value and are addictive. has asked the FDA to regulate salt in food claiming nearly 500,000 deaths per year from excess salt consumption, the number of people developing diabetes, obesity and heart disease from white sugar and refined carbohydrates exceeds even that of table salt consumption.

This week I have set up a new blog for posting articles using Wordpress.

This blog is easier to read and allows for reader comments or questions to be posted at the end.

Also do yourself a favor and obtain a printed copy of the Immune Restoration Handbook. Your purchase will help you with an priceless source of self-help health information, and it helps funds our efforts to reach more people.

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The latest issue of the Journal of Immunity (Vol 15 No 4) is in the mail. Summary of articles: Garlic- a Remedy for Singer; Garlic and Cancer; Aspirin for Rheumatoid arthritis - a case report.

D h dating website

The show plays out almost like a computer adventure showing a mouse on different scenes where the kids make a decision.…
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