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Drawing on events from the Outer Banks , Cape Cod, as well as many other areas the author builds characters based on the exploits of many and weaves an interesting tale, aimed at youthful and adult readers alike.

Having visited and lived at Coast Guard stations throughout the country, the author picked the Outer Banks of North Carolina to base this fictional account of the story of the Coast Guard.

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The MV Elbe then began to tow the Ambassador to the Azores, but when the weather deteriorated further, she went lower and lower in the water. The Clover was launched in 1942 and served until 1990, when she was sunk by the Navy for use as a target ship. Photo is b/w and includes date and description on back. This is an extremely rare early Coast Guard momento, great for the collector or past Academy graduate. Commander Von Paulsen of Station Gloucester originated the idea to send out a breeches buoy to ships in distress. At wars end he was assigned to Admiral Chester Nimitz, Commander Eastern Sea Frontier, in charge of Air Sea Rescue Operations coordinating Atlantic traffic during the return of US forces from Europe. Filling a longtime void in the chronicles of the Life-Saving Service, this book is the result of two decades of research by these highly respected maritime historians.

On 21st February, the hawser parted, and MV Ambassador was lost from sight and radar and foundered some time later. Three close negative views show a Coast Guard 38-Foot Picketboat under construction at Gibbs Gas Engine Co., Jacksonville, Florida. Clear, close, original 8 x 10 press photo shows excellent detail of Coast Guards new flat-bottom boats for flood relief. With the proposed method, a low flying plane snags a line from the beach and carries it to the vessel, dropping it across the ship. I dont know that this practiced was ever adopted or used in an actual rescue. With declassification of the ship's log, now the true story is being told." Illustrated with 38 graphite sketches & watercolors by the author, as well as 20 wartime photographs. In 272 large format pages, the authors present unforgettable stories of the surfmen and their unsurpassed bravery.

Le Roy Reinburg, Commander, John Rountree, Executive Officer. During the next few years, she destroyed derelicts and other hazards to navigation, patrolled regattas and other nautical races, enforced customs laws, carried out special duties as required, sailed on winter cruises each year, and participated in search and rescue operations when needed. Contents include: Station Briefs, Salerno Nightmare, Eniwetok Was Tough, Kwajalein Coup, Salty Spinglefinger Says, Coast Guard Communications, Radio Gimmicks, Know How of Radio, The Sport Porthole, BUG Pin-up-Girl, etc. At one point, Mc Adams entered the water to help in the rescue. On July 25, 1942, Coast Guard Headquarters authorized all Naval Districts that were adjacent to the coast to organize a well-armed and maintained beach patrol, with proper communication equipment to relay messages. Rare early branding iron was used to mark wooden items including oars, blocks, quoins and other wooden items.

She was launched on 24 October 1908 and the new cutter entered commissioned service on . She took an active part in the Coast Guard's enforcement efforts along the southeastern coast. An interesting WWII United States Coast Guard periodical published by and for the Radio School with numerous articles, news reports, sports updates, non-fiction narratives, Spar news, alumni notes, and of course the BUG pin-up-girl, etc. Clear, close, original 8 x 10 press photo shows excellent detail of Master Chief Boatswain Thomas D Mc Adams, U. He earned the Gold Lifesaving Medal for a case in 1957 at Yaquina Bay in which, Mc Adams, as the coxswain of a 52-foot motor lifeboat, helped save four people capsized in the surf. Wonderful clear, close original 8 x 10 official Coast Guard photograph provides a great look at a horse-patrol Coast Guardsman as he scans the ocean for intruders.

First Annual Report for the newly formed Coast Guard, formed by the merging of the Life-Saving Service and Revenue Cutter Service on January 29, 1915, and listing Sumner I Kimball as the Coast Guard General Superintendent.

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