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We do; however, customer agents are not magicians, executives or managers.

Some access may be limited to them, which means that they may have to forward your concern to another department that will have access to what you want.

However, if you have a late fee every month and it’s all because you simply do not make the payment on time, don’t expect to be treated right.

Not many people have a lot of time to contact customer service and unfortunately, at times that we need assistance the most, we are usually in a hurry or we simply do not have the time to go through all the hassles.

To ensure that you cut the time you spend in contacting customer service, like for example when you’re calling the Verizon customer service number, make sure that you have everything you need ready beside you.

Also, don’t forget to repeat the information so that the representative can verify it for you.

We all expect a lot from customer service especially because we feel that we deserve the best service possible.

It is a consideration for companies to make sure that they are covering all different time zones of different customers across the state so that no customer will be left out if the customer service team only has set operating hours.

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