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Women are NOT sexually attracted to social rejects and outcasts!Now the typical Suave Man projects a powerful sexual persona and state of being. He stands with a powerful, masculine, upright posture and moves with deliberate, purposeful control. The average guy lacks the understanding of WHAT women are “instinctively” attracted to, and WHY.

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He will usually stand in some out of the way place where he will not be noticed.

Typically, he will be slouching (displaying weakness and laziness), holding his drink to his chest (a classic defensive posture) and looking around the room all shifty and wide eyed.

When you see a woman you like – and you’ve been giving and getting good eye contact – approach her with a supremely confident swagger, projecting and oozing sexuality. Pause, lean back and playfully look her body up and down once. Her friends will most likely be giggling or dumb-struck because of the social tension you have just created. Now because you have just created this social tension – something that may never have happened to her before, especially if she is hot, because 99% of men don’t have the balls to be like this to hot women – then she is going to associate her adrenaline dump and heart racing to you. The next step, after creating social tension, is to create sexual tension.

Look back into her eyes with a mischievous grin, and say “Hey.” Because you’re so close to her, and because of your supreme confidence and coolness, her heart and adrenaline will be RACING. To do that, you need to implement the steps to escalating attraction.

If you don’t, then women will just be freaked out by your behavior and you’ll blow your chances.

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